VPro 07 Service Packs

Please remember to backup your current VPro07.accdb file before installing any update.  The service packs listed here have had limited testing.  Please report any problems to: russk@telus.net

VPro service packs are actually executable databases that contain components that either update VPro07.accdb or its support files.  When you open the service pack, a dialog box will open giving a brief description and a continue button.  Clicking the continue button will prompt you to browse for your copy of VPro07.accdb.

VPro 07 Service Pack Example

Service Pack Date Description
VProSP01GoogleEarth.zip 5 Nov 2012 Update your copy of VPro to add user customization to aid in the use with Google Earth.
VProSP02PlotProfiling.zip 13 Dec 2012 Speeds up veg profiling (adds scroll bar to right pane in hierarchy form)
VProSP03Rtools.zip 14 Dec 2012 New tool for exporting to R
VProSP04FormFilterFix.zip 22 Mar 2013 Fixes a form filtering bug in the FS882 forms
VProSP05TurboVegAndEnvSummary.zip 19 Mar 2013 Adds Export to TurboVeg and optimizes the environments summary report
VProSP06PlotProfiling.zip 4 Apr 2013 Veg profiling update.  Filter by Null env fields. See Plot Profiling Help.pdf

This page last updated 4 Apr., 2013